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For China
JesusIsLord.org Opening Page in Languages

Welcome to JesusIsLord.org!

JesusIsLord.org works best with Internet Explorer.

Music will play! Adjust your speakers!

Welcome to JesusisLord.org!
LifeGoesBetterWithJesus.com may have directed you here to meet Jesus Christ or to share him with others.
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1. Personal stories of Christians 2. In the US 3. Outside the US (need yours!)
Resource links (many languages) (broken links on individual language pages may be updated here sooner)
WYSIWYG (JesusNeverForgets.net) (for law enforcement)

The purpose of this web site is to introduce you to Jesus Christ the Lord.

Is this possible? Jesus said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Anyone who hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me" (Revelation 3:20, the Bible). He is speaking about the door of your heart. Will you open that door? Jesus also said to Thomas who doubted, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed" (John 20:29, The Bible). You CAN believe and receive!

Jesus has targeted every tribe, tongue, people and nation to receive him (Revelation 5:9, the Bible). Therefore, this message will be presented in as many languages as possible.

How to Become a Christian - Watch the Jesus Film now online in your language
Watch the Jesus Film online now in your language!

(Use country map to find your language)
Watch the Jesus Film online now in your language!
(Language list (1483), click on your language, watch!)

Current Jesus Film Statistics

You can download the Jesus Film app for your smartphone. Google "Jesus Film app android" etc. to find your app.
The goal is to view the Jesus Film on diverse platforms (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and make sharing with others easy via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
The <> is the embed code for a website.

JesusIsLord.org is a tent-making ministry (Acts 18:1-3, Acts 20:33-35) which seeks to provide those who are searching for God a safe and anonymous place to explore how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

One may continue on as a new believer and grow in Christ. (I am a New Believer)

JesusIsLord.org also provides individual believers the ability to reach out to those they meet by bringing together online resources by language, one language per page. These resources vary due to availability but ideally include
the Campus Crusade for Christ Four Spiritual Laws,
the Jesus Film (Gospel of Luke which can be watched online),
the Bible (HTML, PDF and audio),
World Missionary Press scripture booklets,
and more
depending on the resources available.

Links on the left of the opening page appear only there and take one to the web.
Links on the right take one into JesusIsLord.org or to websites originating from JesusIsLord.org.
Each page includes a "Last updated" date for that page. To keep the web site available, work is done "live." JesusIsLord.org never closes down for maintenance.
The design rule broken is that the pages are long. Navigation is simple with 10,000 links quick and easy to access.

JesusIsLord.org is a gift
to God in deep appreciation of Jesus Christ having forgiven me.
to those who have not yet had a clear understanding of the Gospel.
to the Body of Christ, specifically to those who are personal evangelists as we are all called to be

Who is Jesus? (languages) (fonts may be needed)
Who is Jesus? (36 languages) (fonts may be needed)

Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? (158 languages)
Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? (158 languages)

Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws (70 languages)
Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws (70 languages)


Have you made the wonderful discovery of the Spirit Filled life? (English) (placeholder for languages which are not online now)
Have you made the wonderful discovery of the Spirit Filled life? (English)

(placeholder for languages which are not online now)

I want to receive Jesus now

More languages from World Missionary Press (read now)
More languages from World Missionary Press
(read online)
Booklet titles
Complete list of languages available

For television broadcasts around the world in other languages and for prayer, free counseling, and viewing the 700 Club online:
The Christian Broadcasting Network (1-800-700-7000, 001-757-226-2247 from overseas (Washington D.C. time zone).
You are loved just as you are and you will be directed to Jesus who alone can satisfy you.
As seen on TV around the world...Superbook for kids!


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Leap of Faith:
Who am I That a King Would Die in My Place?
Who am I That a King Would Die in My Place?

Click on the " Four Spiritual Laws" for a personal message from God to you in your language!

Click on " Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws" to read with a friend in that person's heart language.
Click on the " English flash version " for the web-enabled wireless device version.
Click on the " God Loves The World! (English) " for the cell phones.
If your language is not found above, go to World Missionary Press which you can read now.
or go to for all languages produced by WMP which you can order.
or go to the WMPRess Navigation page on JesusIsLord.org for mobile devices (may not be fully updated).
For the WMP language map of Africa and WMP languages listed with country where spoken on this site (nice but not current and near impossible to update).

If you are not sure of the name of the language, the Ethnologue from SIL International can assist you. (Please note that due to independent endeavors by different organizations historically the names of languages may differ slightly from one organization to another. Pages on JesusIsLord.org are being updated to include the 3 digit Ethnologue language code. Resources from other organizations do not necssarily include the 3 digit code so identifying "language names" that are really the same language is not easy.

There are 7097 known living languages currently. As linguistic researchers (volunteers) go out and point to objects and then record what a native speaker calls it, language classifications are updated. What was once thought to be a language can turn out to be a dialect of another language. Thus, the Ethnologue changes classifications and bundles them in revisions. Revision 15 was dated 2005. Revision 16 was dated 2009. In addition, organizations now meet together to decide how to move forward in the next few months. Efforts are now co-ordinated instead of duplicated. Please go to Resources by Languages and scroll down below the language list for a sense of the progression of dealing with written and unwritten languages online.

Share your faith in Jesus on http://jesusislord.org/my_story/unitedstates.htm (U.S.)
Share your faith in Jesus on http://jesusislord.org/my_story/unitedstates.htm (U.S.)
Share your faith in Jesus on http://jesusislord.org/my_story/world.htm (outside the U.S.)

Bible Foundation
Bible Foundation

2015 Used English Bible Drive (Bible Foundation)
Do you have an old Bible you can part with?
Can you organize others (your church?) to donate their old Bibles to those without them?
- Annual October Bible Drives since 1992
-Bible Drive is in October of each year but Bible collection is ongoing!
- "If it's Bible and not "gooey," it"s ok to give, even parts of old Bibles
- English Bibles are in great demand around the world
- Over 80 countries served
- Year 'round Bible ministry
- Collection centers in USA and Canada (or to purchase Bibles inexpensively to donate new)
JesusIsLord.org page for Bible Foundation

Japan is highlighted due to the challenges faced due to natural disaster. See selected resources below or see the
Japanese page on JesusIsLord.org

The Campus Crusade for Christ web site in Japanese
The Campus Crusade for Christ web site in Japanese

Who is Jesus? in Japanese
Who is Jesus? in Japanese

Japanese - English Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws (PDF .55M)
Japanese - English Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws (PDF .55M)

Have you made the wonderful discovery of the Spirit filled life? in Japanese (placeholder in English)
"Have you made the wonderful discovery of the Spirit filled life?" in Japanese
(placeholder in English)

Help from Above in Japanese (HTML)
Help from Above in Japanese (HTML)
They had this online but it is not to be found at this time)

The Way to God in Japanese (PDF 5.0M)
The Way to God in Japanese (PDF 5.0M)

Download the audio New Testament in Japanese (MP3) (This is a Bible stick)
Download the audio New Testament in Japanese (MP3) (This is a Bible stick)

Quick link, no searching

Search the Bible in Japanese (parallel Bible search)
Search the Bible in Japanese (parallel Bible search)

Last updated: 02/26/2017 (UNIX) d

To contact a friend in Christ please use: eturner@jesusislord.org

To contact the webmaster please use: eturner@jesusislord.org

Background music is:

In the kingdom, tears will be forgotten
In the kingdom, pain will be no more
Then will our eyes behold the world's salvation
Then face to face we shall behold our Lord.

Black and white, and young and old together
Shining bright, redeemed from sin and shame
Joined in one Spirit; one in voice in purpose
One in our worship unto Jesus' Name.

There will flow the river of rejoicing
There will grow the fruit of love and peace
Then will the overcomers teach the nations
Then will the reign of Jesus never cease.

Peace will reign upon God's holy mountain
Lamb and lion lying down as friends
Then will creation know its true fulfillment, and
Join in the dance of joy that never ends!


by Tim Barber ©1995 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. CCLI Song No. 2294366


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