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District of Columbia!

We are the people of Christ in the District of Columbia! (2.5M)

We are the people of Christ in the District of Columbia! (2.5M)

The District of Columbia is a special district for a permanent as allowed by the U.S. Constitution and carried out in 1790. Congress later in 1871 honored George Washington by naming the governing sub unit of the District of Columbia "Washington D.C." after him as an act of Congress.

"Washington, the District" or "D.C." are the two customary names used today as when you ask "Where are you from?"

Representation for this unique federal permanent capital district is one non-voting delegate in the House who can serve on committees (without a vote), no representation in the Senate, and with federally-administered local courts. Citizens do not vote in federal elections.

Responsibilites of the citizens are to pay all federal and local income taxes plus sales and property taxes. One must remember to exempt the many who serve at the federal level or as representatives of other country governments in D.C. but do not live there permanently.

Citizens appear to have more responsiblities and fewer rights than a U.S. possession such as Puerto Rico. Since citizens do not elect any representatives in the federal government, re-election is not dependent on the mood of D.C. citizens and their interests can get lost in the re-election shuffle to please. As you can see, there is an opportunity to cry out "Taxation without representation!" D.C. does receive federal aid. Perhaps some day Washington D.C.'s federal government will be extracted from the District of Columbia and the remaining portion of the current District of Columbia be declared the 51st state. There would be no consequences to any elected official if this never happened. Wikipedia

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