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Sharing Your Story in the United States!

Stories of believers in Jesus Christ living in the United States as told by them

Organized by state then by city or town or unincorporated county

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Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!

Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!

You may have arrived here via This is its new home. All is the same except the http: line.

These are the stories of the people of Christ. This is an opportunity to explore Christianity by reading what a wide variety of believers report. At some point you may conclude that Jesus Christ is who he claims he is and that you want to commit your life to him. You may find that some of the things you thought about Jesus and his followers are not as you had originally imagined.

While we have not personally met every person, we think what they say about themselves is true and authenic and worth your time to take a look. We can't know what is in every heart. Only God knows that. If we chose not to include a testimony, consider it our best judgment and in no way speaking for God that you are not one of His own. If you see a business advertised on a page, that is because that is what that person does for a living. This is not a Yellow Pages of businesses. This is a human compendium of a stories of some believers who have decided to share their story online.

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My choice is to publish the web site in unfinished form in order to get started. As testimonies are added and content is chosen, the state pages and the story pages will no longer be blank. I prefer to work on a site live rather than wait for perfection or close down for maintenance. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). I am a reformed perfectionest.

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First published: 07/04/2010, Independence Day for the United States of America