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Thanksgiving Day, 1997 Kayaking on Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Cove
Thanksgiving Day, 1997 Kayaking on Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Cove

I want to hear my Lord say, "Well done, good and faithful servant," when my days on earth are done.

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1. When will Jesus return?

2. What can you do?

3. Highlights of your life!

1. When will Jesus return?

Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network answered this question on the 700 Club. He quoted Matthew 24:14 AMPC as the number one sign of the return of Jesus Christ: "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." According to Revelation 5:9 AMPC there will be those who have received Jesus Christ into their lives from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. Some from every discrete people group will need to turn to Jesus! After Babel (Genesis 11:1-9 AMP) to share the Gospel in all languages is no small task. Fortunately, organizations are co-ordinating operations now so no one wastes time reinventing the wheel. Information Technology professionals, mostly retired language researchers in the field and indigenous speakers are speeding up the process with state of the art technology. (Wycliffe Associates)

When will this have happened?

Would it be fair to say there are 7.5 billion people on earth now? (World Population Clock)
How many have had a fair hearing of what Jesus Christ has done for them in the language of their birth so that they could turn to him with their whole heart or not? This is what one pastor called "a proper introduction."

World Missionary Press has printed 7,500,000 free gospel tracts per month in 2016 in 340 languages (as of March 08, 2017).

Every Home for Christ and many others distribute tracts and other literature around the world.

The Jesus Film
(the Gospel of Luke) has been produced in 1511 languages as of April 11, 2017. The goal is to have shown it to 5 billion people by 2025.

The Christian Broadcasting Network has as its goal in 2001 to record 500 million decisions for Christ and if you turn on your TV set, you too can respond to their daily prayers of commitment to Jesus Christ!

Billy Graham was critcized for preaching in Communist countries. There is no where the Gospel should not be preached. His simulcast of a crusade around the world was a technological first. Franklin Graham has stepped in to lengthen his wonderful impact. I myself came to Christ largely through reading Peace with God. You can find more messages on Google or YouTube but here are a few.

Wycliffe Bible Translators workers are learning and writing down languages new to the outside world so the Bible can enter these people groups.

The Joshua Project is a much larger operation than but the attempt is being made to provide information and resources to make it easier to reach people groups and language speakers.

Global Resources Network provides audio resources in languages not yet fully addressed by other ministries.

Faith Comes by Hearing provides audio New Testaments and Bibles online and for download and in "Bible sticks" in languages not written down as well as languages that have a written Bible.

The Ethnologue organizes languages and dialects (variations of languages) by a three digit code, lists where it is spoken. Surprises occur as popular language names turn out to be dialects only, so the Ethnologue goes through periodic revisions. When I first started I followed Campus Crusade for Christ's language names. It became clear to me at one point that each ministry assigns their own names to languages, making it extremely difficult to group resources by one language name. Therefore, all my language pages start with the Enthnologue code. But it could and does change. A related effort, SIL (Summer Language Institute) works on language research.

Each year more people are being reached faster. For those who can't read there are hand-operated devices that explain the Gospel. And now we have the Internet and satellite broadcasts which invade once prohibited borders. With each breath we breathe we are nearer to the whole world having heard. When will the last person finally have heard who hasn’t heard yet? This is an intriguing question. Perhaps he is waiting for you! Can you sleep tonight without having asked Jesus Christ, if he is real, to show himself to you as your Lord? Can you sleep tonight without praying (Operation World) that those who haven't yet heard, that they will hear before they go into eternity?

2. What can you do? (I know you can do what I did because I did it)

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A. Check out some ministry firsthand

B. Go solo if you have to but GO!

C. Look for more stationary opportunities

D. Go Global!

A. Check out some ministry firsthand

Keep doing this until you say, "I can do that!" Don’t leave too soon; it's comforting to have company when things go bump.

In 1971 I went to Bermuda with Campus Crusade for Christ over spring break. We asked college students on the beach if they wanted to take a religious survey. At the end we asked if they wanted to know more about Jesus. If they did we read through the "Four Spiritual Laws" with them and they had an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ into their lives. I learned you could approach a total stranger and successfully share the gospel with that person. I learned just to point to (without covering) the words in the " Four Spiritual Laws" (Bilingual) with my finger as I was reading them aloud. Speaking slowly in a monotone seemed to allow the words to speak more deeply. Courtesy was easy as it just flowed. The only place to remark about was the page where you pick between two diagrams to show what you think your life is like. Some say they are in the middle, not in either diagram. No problem, just ask "Which would you like your life to be like?" People generally point to a life ordered by Christ. The next page has a prayer of commitment. It is read first and then the person is asked, "Does that prayer express the desire of your heart?" If so, ask, "Are you ready to pray that prayer right now?" If they are, they pray. If they aren’t, no problem, just say, "You'll have this for when you are ready and give it to them with your blessing." The booklet will probably reappear on just the right day!

By the way, once I met a young man out riding a horse and I was walking. We agreed to meet later. He sat in the passenger side of my VW Bug and I asked him if he wanted to pray and receive Christ right now. He said, "No." I asked him if it were all right if I prayed. He said, "OK." So I prayed. When I was done he said, "I feel clean all over!" It took me over twenty years to realize he changed his mind as I prayed. I wasn't using the " Four Spiritual Laws" (English) that day, I just respected his decisions.

B. Go solo if you have to but GO!

You may find after time that you want to go to places your group isn’t prepared to go. If the place is safe for you (it offers no temptation you cannot easily overcome), go!

I witnessed in conjunction with Campus Crusade for Christ on the University of Pennsylvania campus. I remember clearly the Campus Crusade for Christ representative sharing the "Four Spiritual Laws" with the gas station attendant while we were having his gas tank filled. Ask God to put someone in your path who will be open. What's the worst that can happen? Someone may tell you to go to hell. No problem, just tell them with your best smile, "That's impossible!" No matter what you get hit with, you're better off than the person in front of you since you already have received Jesus. And that could have been you mocking a faithful Christian out there presenting the gospel. If so, wouldn't you be glad he or she did not let that mocking be a deterrent? Is it mocking, or is it some deep place of hurt coming open with explosiveness and you can greet it with a blessing?

C. Look for more stationary opportunities

People will know how to find you and look you over for a while before stopping to hear what you have to say. I don't beat around the bush. I display large (22x16 inch) attractive signs that say "Jesus Is Lord." If it is in a place that requires prior permission I get that in writing and keep a pile of copies so I'm never without one. If it seems it should be OK I still call, go and check in with the police and the headquarters of the event first. I make sure of my rights and limitations and keep the name, rank and badge number with me of the person I received the information from. You may not like where the free speech areas are located (sometimes they are by the toilets, but a lot of people come into contact with you) but as long as you appear fairly mobile no one can disturb you. Make friends, be nice. I try and relate to each person as they give permission. I try and relate to each person as they present themselves. I think of my presentation as a bird feeder. It's available but not mandatory. If a person says, "What are these?" I say, "These booklets explain how you can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ." You are going to have everything happen to you while you are out there but I tell you, there is an angel standing with you. Remain calm. A bird feeder brings loud and cranky birds and nervous birds almost too afraid to express their need. You be the link between whoever they are and what the Lord Jesus Christ has for them. Answering with reality and truth and humility isn't wrong. Only the bird knows why it came. If it got what it wanted and needed, good. Becoming a Christian can be a series of steps. Help someone get from step A to step B or step X to step Y. You'll be step Z at some point. Maybe you're steps A to Y and God is allowing a relationship to be healed you know not of on step Y to step Z.

Here are some things I have done and what I thought about them.

I was in Jerusalem in 1972 and one day I was overcome with something I would have to call fear and I did not go out with the group. Instead I read Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrandt. I did not know until that day that persecuted Christians did not have Bibles in their own languages. When I put the book down I was no longer afraid. I went out for a walk with part of my group. I looked up from the dirt street and saw a bookstore that had Bibles in other languages! I went in and purchased 30 Bibles in each of the languages of the countries we were going to: Turkish, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian. They gave me tracts also. I went back to the group and presented the idea of taking Bibles in and that I had one Bible in each language for each one to carry. I cautioned them that if we ran into problems, they couldn't say they were my Bibles. I can just tell you, it gets real out there! I spoke German fluently which enabled me to speak to people in many countries. In Bulgaria I got to speak with some police who were very interested in my contacts in that country. They'd done a routine search of our VW buses in a campground while we were out. They found the Bibles and were told they in fact were all mine! I finally told them, "I am dealing with the Living God and he has all the contacts and there was no need for me to know anyone ahead of time." A few days earlier I had actually stood two feet from a table where about 20 soldiers had been seated. I even asked the restaurant owner in German how to say Jesus with a Bulgarian Bible open. It wasn't my idea, the missionary asked me in English to do it. To attract the least attention I just did it. The restaurant owner began to cry. I asked him why he was crying. He said he'd never seen a Bible in his own language. The soldiers never saw a thing. It's a matter of decision to continue on handing out Bibles in Yugoslavia after spending time with a room full of interrogators in Bulgaria! I left Yugoslavia against my will with one Bible but God intervened and got it back into Yugoslavia. By the way, I wrote plenty of letters home saying if I disappeared, try a Bulgarian prison. They probably thought I was joking. This was on a two month trip through Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

I was staying in Squaw Valley in the early 1990's. All the housekeeping staff seemed to speak Spanish only. I began to realize I needed to locate the " Four Spiritual Laws" in Spanish (Latin American). I went hiking up on Squaw Valley Ski Corp property high up in the mountains and I ran into a woman from Germany. We spoke German together briefly. I realized I would have to locate the " Four Spiritual Laws" in German.

I stood in front of Safeway, the grocery store, with permission of their corporate office, as Easter approached one year with my "Jesus Is Lord" sign and had " Four Spiritual Laws" in English only. Some people said they gave already (!); some with Christian T-shirts on were indifferent; some people were so happy to see someone there with the way to God in hand. I was most impressed, however, with the chattering in other languages. One man asked me if I had one in Russian (Central Asian Muslim) and I didn't. I began to realize that to minister in the Silicon Valley you had better be prepared for speakers of many languages since walking out your front door can be a mission trip!

I moved on to the Berryessa Flea Market in San Jose, California. By then I had the "Four Spiritual Laws" in as many languages as were available. I also had the "Jesus Film" in English. I asked a sign maker if I could pop the "Jesus Film" into the TV/VCR he had there to entertain his kids and if he could direct inquirers to our spot which had no electricity. Even with the saw on it was apparent the "Jesus Film" was getting attention. We saw about one decision per week at the flea market. I just opened the back of my pickup and camper shell and put everything out on the tailgate. One man said God had told him to do this at the flea market but he didn't. Another woman said God was going to bless us for doing this. Some Vietnamese vendors turned to Christ. The teenage daughter of someone selling yard sale type items came to Christ. A child came and received Christ. A young man said when I asked would he like to receive Christ right now said, "Who wouldn't!" A man walked past my truck and then stood there as if he were going to keep going. After a minute I realized he was in a Holy Spirit lock and I asked him what language he spoke. He answered, "Chinese." (Simplified) That is the last word we could find that both of us understood. But I pulled out the Chinese "Four Spiritual Laws (Traditional)" and turned to the prayer (easy to find). I showed it to him. He read it and he was surely surprised as to what it was. He left with it. I really wanted to rent an indoor area and put in TV/VCRs with head sets so I could show the "Jesus Film" in many languages. People tried to buy the "Jesus Film" in English from me waving bills in front of me. I was unprepared for requests in different languages.

In 1994 the Lord told me to go to the Space Needle in Seattle and witness. He said I'd have to go right away or wait for a long time. I didn't know that in just two weeks I wouldn't be able to take vacation for another 6 months! I ended up going at the end of November. I told the Lord how much I'd need for gas, etc. I was surprised to receive a check for very close to that amount a week before I left from a class action suit I hadn’t known about. Believe it or not they promised to send more money later! I slept in my truck in a campground and ate 50 cent burgers and commuted back and forth. Just a few days before I left I had a dream and God gave me very specific instructions about a certain man I would meet. I actually stood at the Seattle Center in the same complex as the Space Needle. I had my "Four Spiritual Laws" in languages, New Testaments, and my "Jesus Is Lord" signs. What I remember is being very cold, the workers there were absolutely not thrilled at my presence but I met the man God had shown me in the dream and I did what God said. The Lord told me the people around him were doing nothing, perhaps that's why he brought me up from California. I remember several things. A couple of young men were videotaping me and making fun of me on tape. However, I just used my good old standby, "These booklets explain how you can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ." When they found the New Testaments were free they asked if they could each have one. They left in a different manner than they came. Some people were so impressed with what I was doing I was treated to a Thanksgiving dinner! The last day I was there it was starting to rain and get dark. One of the men who'd made fun of me came over and told me it was starting to rain and I should pack up and stay dry. He was very nice.

I moved on to Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. I stayed there the longest. I was so excited after the Space Needle how God could send me to a specific individual that I began to think of what could happen next. I'm not a shopper and I enter malls only if I know exactly which store I'm going to and exactly which entrance is closest. But there I was applying to sit with Bugs Bunny on one side and B Dalton Bookstore on the other with my "Jesus Is Lord" signs. I asked the Lord for a confirmation that I was to do this. As I left I found a woman in the parking lot who was disoriented. She had gotten on a bus to the mall but didn't know how to get home. It became apparent she spoke French only. I speak no French. I got out a " Four Spiritual Laws" in French and wrote in English a note to the bus driver where she needed to go and sent her to the bus area. I took that as confirmation. I had the largest number of interactions in the mall. Some days were quiet. Other days were very busy.

Here are some of the things that happened. A woman came and announced her religious affiliation. I asked her if her religious affiliation teaches her to invite Jesus Christ into her life. She said, "Yes," and I handed her the "Four Spiritual Laws" and said, "Great, this is exactly what this little booklet is about." A man came three times and looked carefully for a while without taking anything or speaking with me. The third time he came back I had the feeling he was a doctor. I picked up the "Four Spiritual Law" and "Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-filled Life?" and handed them to him saying, "These are like aspirin, take two and call me in the morning." He smiled and took them and left. A man had come to the mall with a caregiver. He said he would not leave the mall without something written in Italian. They searched what I call the "Queen of the Malls" and found nothing. But I had a " Four Spiritual Laws" in Italian. He was so happy. I could tell he was blessing me in Italian! A man came and picked up the " Four Spiritual Laws" in Hebrew. He would read a page and then look into the bookstore. He read the whole thing, put it down and left. I think he was following someone. A young man stopped seemingly in need of help. It seemed he needed more help than I could give. I asked him if he wanted to speak with a pastor. In a short time I realized he really needed help. I said, "Would you like to talk with me right now?" He'd sat next to a Christian on a plane and as far as I can tell the Christian was praying for him. Conviction was probably at play. I read the "Four Spiritual Laws" in English which he understood while he read along in Dutch. At the prayer he did want to receive Jesus. I told him this was between him and God and just to let me know when he was done. He did and we read through the rest of the booklet. The relationship continued on beyond that day with his family coming over from the Netherlands and attending renewal meetings at churches. A man who described himself as an evangelist for Islam from Ethiopia and I spoke for 3 hours in front of Macys. His understanding of some New Testament scriptures was interesting. I did find that Paul was right, speak only of Christ and Christ crucified. This is the point of conviction. Someone stopped by one day every week to argue which day was the true Sabbath. I stick with salvation. But I listen without answering. Someone was thinking I should not be in the mall, that I was a woman pastor. I was able to respond that we are called by baptism into ministry and that we are a priesthood of all believers, but I don't respond to the issue of women being pastors. I stick with salvation.

Some hints: don't leave your presentation area. This may mean not taking a rest break all day. While you are gone you may find your items being defaced; they are replaceable. Worse, you may find someone seeming to represent you arguing over some issue not related to salvation. However, there is one ethnic group that did not ever approach my table until I left. They just looked through the items. One day I saw a man I thought I recognized standing outside of B Dalton Bookstore. He came over and sat so close to me. He didn't look at anything before he sat down. I looked over his shoulder and he was writing out his name for an autograph, George Takei. He stood up; I stood up asking the Lord what to say to him. I said, "Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?" He looked and as he backed away said, "Yes, and thank you for asking." I had just finished reading the book of Daniel on a quiet night. I was exhilarated inside. A man stopped and asked me, "Do dogs go to heaven?" Part of me wanted to burst out laughing but most of me remembered to take everyone at their point of need. I can only think that he was concerned about continuing a relationship with a particular pet and that I underline just about everything in my Bible so I might know. I was thinking aloud about the major doctrines of the Bible, creation, the fall, redemption and consummation. With Adam all creation fell, Jesus died to redeem, we are instructed to bring people to himself and God will make a new heaven and a new earth. I couldn't think of any discussion about the mechanism to bring animals to heaven as part of a promise. I answered, "I don't think the Bible addresses that so I have to say I don't know." He thanked me and left. It really hit the spot with him. Someone who had observed me asked me if I remembered the man in the white cowboy hat. I didn't. She saw him in the food court reading the "Four Spiritual Laws." He bowed his head and prayed the prayer.

To me the mall is the best place to be. Due to the Pruneyard Decision California Malls must allow free speech under rules that are specific and designed not to disturb the sales atmosphere. If you go, make sure you follow all the rules! One non rule was enforced by a security officer. I asked him to please go and read the contract. He came back and apologized but I also did not do the behavior in question again. You can bargain for attendance which starts out as 7 full days a week. I worked so I came everyday after work until the mall closed. On Sunday I came after church and left to go to evening church. Saturdays were the hardest due to the long hours. Sometimes I got so hungry and thirsty but I had to be careful since going to the rest room meant I'd have to leave my table unattended or trust someone to stand and watch. One woman brought me a hot cup of tea and some bread. I so needed it. One time a Campus Crusade for Christ person came and stayed so I could take a break.

One weekend I went to Lake Tahoe to relax. I was interested in seeing the Blue Angels fly. I went to Reno. I found they were flying at Fallon Air Force base still 1 ½ hours away and that they had already flown. I headed east on 80 telling the Lord I had no idea why I was headed out there if they’d already flown and maybe I was wasting gas but I just felt I should go. I was getting a little more depressed as the miles went by. I followed signs and I saw a man standing on top of a pile of gravel. I pulled over and said, "What are you looking at?" He said, "The Blue Angels." I said, "Have they flown yet?" He said, "In 4 minutes." So I stopped and got on the gravel pile with him and watched a perfectly wonderful air show. Afterward, I realized I was near a lot of people and I had my "Jesus is Lord" sign with me. There was nothing to keep me from witnessing. I asked the Lord to make it easy to start. A woman came up immediately and said how much she liked my sign and she prayed with me. I went down about ¼ mile where the cars were coming out of the huge grass parking field. I stood there with my "Jesus is Lord" sign dressed so nicely smiling so nicely since I knew I was in the center of God's will. As I learned later 23,000 cars went past me moving very slowly. Some people showered compliments. Some pelted me with their wishes and understandings. Some people let me know they were Satanists. If I could rewind the tape, I would ask them so nicely what was it about them or what was it about Satan that they willingly backed a losing team, but I didn't think of it then. I remember car after car with children in the back, all reading "Jesus is Lord." I know they were asking Mom and Dad, "What's that?" No matter what they said back to the children, I know they knew it was something good. The next day it seemed the Lord wanted me back at Fallon. I asked the sheriff was there any better place to stand than where I was standing. He smiled at me and said, "No, every car had to come out past me." They opened up both directions so the cars went faster. Still, it took way longer for the cars to leave. I do not know how many cars went past but it was at least 2 ½ times 23,000! Can you imagine, what a weekend! I do not know why God did not have someone from Nevada do it but I received the privilege. By the way, God arranged for Kentucky Fried Chicken to receive me with full honor and refused payment on the way home. The man knew nothing of my weekend adventures but God decided to feed me.

Let me stop for a moment and say that when you are out there, it's a spiritual battle. You're going to get hit with lies and depression designed to drain the life and leading of God out of your life. "Stop handing out Bibles in Turkish because the people can't read them due to being written in old Turkish." That turned out to be a lie. Lucky I handed them out. The worst case of depression I was hit with was in 1973. I was at the Grand Canyon and I was inviting people to church services Saturday night in the campground. Two teenage girls wanted to come but their parents said no. The next morning I was hit with depression so I could hardly function. I considered not going. But I went. Those two girls had come and I had assumed the parents changed their mind. They both received Christ. They told me they had just come anyway. The way I view it is that could be me out there without God. It could be another person hit with depression and me that didn't get the chance to receive Christ because the depression stopped the person who knows God from going out.

I went to Christmas in the Park in San Jose, I believe in 1996. The free speech area was next to the portable toilets. I took my folding stool, a table cloth, my "Jesus is Lord" sign, and my Four Spiritual Laws in about 50 languages. I wasn't so sure God wanted me to do this so I said, "If you want me to do this, you're going to have to get me a really good parking space!" I got the one absolutely closest to where I was. I could make several trips across the road and still watch things. I set up and a police car came by and the officer was not smiling. I know he figured I was selling something. But when he saw the Jesus is Lord sign and all the items, he left. The police aren't necessarily against you, they have a job to do and they make certain assumptions as we all do. Since they can cause a lot of pain, I comply completely. I was never disturbed after that. Many cars had to sit in traffic looking at me. I don't prefer that people have to bend over to the ground to get a tract but this is the way it was. Over time I realized that what people feel when they see a tract in their own language is that they are loved. The language that seems to make the biggest impression to the speaker is Persian (Farsi). It was cold and a young man spent time with me. The next time I brought a second folding stool. After a while I began to realize he was homeless and hungry. I began to bring food. I'm a camper so I always have my stove. It was he who kept me company on the long hours. It was like the Lord sent me someone to help me. I just remember he was able to minister to some who would not have identified with me. A young man stopped by and explained his dream of becoming a boxer for Christ. His pastor and wife wanted him to give it up thinking it was unrealistic. I was able to tell him about Evander Holyfield and that he was in good company. I prayed for him.

By the way, live broadcasts allow you to pray real-time. I was washing dishes while I was half watching a Holyfield fight. About round 5 I realized it was live and I could pray for him. I prayed for the Lord to strengthen him. At the end after he won they were trying to get him to talk about the fight. All they could get out of him was, "Thank you, prayer warriors!" Then all they could get out of him was, "Thank you, Jesus!"

You can open for business anywhere. I was coming west on highway 80 from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento and 80 finally came to a standstill. I pulled completely off the road onto the grass and open my tailgate and put up my Jesus Is Lord sign. Of course, I got the full gamut of responses. A young man on a motor cycle stopped and parked behind me and we talked. I invited him to the Billy Graham Crusade in Sacramento. One time I was over near the Pacific Ocean on highway 1. The Lord told me to pull over. I did and had a perfect view of the ocean. I was leaving and the Lord said, "Why are you leaving?" So I backed up and stayed. After a while a man came along. I told him I was going to watch the sun go down. He came back later to watch the sun go down also. His mother had called him that morning and told him he had to give his life to God and to go to church. He said he watched football and decided to go to the beach. When he realized he'd come back to talk to me that he couldn't get away from his mother or God. I figure I couldn't get away from his mother's prayers either!

D. Go global!

How did I get this domain name, "" One night I was praying, "Oh God, people tell me I can't reach the world for Christ! I don't want to hear it from you! Don't tell me I can't reach the world for Christ! Put a tool in my hand so I can reach the world for Christ!" This was in January of 1996 on a Tuesday.

The next morning I was to go to a seminar on the Internet at a hotel close to work. It had come up so suddenly I was asked to use my credit card for 3 people and get reimbursed later. I had asked so many times for training on the Internet. I heard the man speak and in less than an hour I realized that the Internet is the modern version of the Roman roads that took the Gospel from Jerusalem to the known world! The attendees lined up to find out from a man with a laptop computer connected to the Internet if their proposed domain name was already taken or not. I had no plans so I stood at the head of the line watching. I would say that 97% of the desired domain names were already taken. The man turned to me and I intended to say, "Sower Ministries." But I said, "" The man looked at me and said, "I can't believe it, it's still there." So I wrote a check for much more than would be needed normally and on January 16th of 1996 it was registered to me. When I consider the name, I know the content and demeanor must remain pure. It's took me 5 years to think of putting personal items on the site. But I have polled those I trust and they say it's good. By the way, the Internet works even while I'm asleep! I learned the power of software when I worked in electronics. Software never sleeps, takes vacations, or gets sick.

Be ready in an instant to take advantage of opportunities! On a Wednesday evening I learned of someone going to China to teach a class for 8 hours. I had a dream that night that I should ask him to take the Chinese Four Spiritual Laws (Simplified) to China. I asked him to arrive 15 minutes early because I had a personal favor to ask. I said, just as mules take drugs I'm asking you to be a mule and take Chinese gospel tracts into China. He looked at me and said, "Is this so people can go to heaven?" I said, "Yes," and he said, "I'll do it!" It was Thursday evening. The Lord had said 300 tracts only and I'd already called Campus Crusade for Christ and ordered them for next day UPS delivery. I took a very late lunch and went home to get the yellow slip from UPS off my door and then I asked the Lord where the UPS truck was. I drove around and found it. The man had my tracts! I went back to work and asked someone to write in Chinese, "Take one, they're free." I wrapped them in packs of 10. Over the weekend I missed the voice mail at home saying he couldn't do it after all. I called Sunday night and he told me he couldn't. I asked if I could bring them over before work Monday so he could take a look. When he saw how few there were (330, I couldn't resist!) his wife wrapped them up in two packages of Christmas wrapping. They ended up in a remote village that could read. I heard from Campus Crusade for Christ in Singapore requesting to know where they ended up so they could do follow up. At a prayer meeting at my church we prayed for this village. They have definite needs and God can supply them!

2009 note: I wanted to go to China as soon as Richard Nixon went! I was despairing that I was going to miss the Olympics in Beijing! But the Lord as always had a plan. Two ministries whose resources I use applied to work in China legally in their preparation for the Olympics! After the Olympics I created my web site for China and went to China myself. After interacting with the government through our government guide and through the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, is available in China. While it is in English, it is brief, and has links to the Bible, the Four Spiritual Laws and World Missionary Press tracts in Simplified (Chinese) and Traditional (Taiwan) Chinese. Until the text is in simplified Chinese, it will be enough for one person who does speak English to share the link and the idea of the site, noting the resources in Simplified Chinese. As they say in Maine, "You can get there from here!"

Also, I have become aware that while metropolitan area Internet Cafes have PCs to rent for $1/hour, this amount of money is very high for many. The infrastructure may allow only a slow connection, certainly not broadband. However, cell phones are available and inexpensive. This creates instant infrastructure that is more widespread than the Internet. I did have (2017) the Gospel of Jesus Christ (how to have a relationship with Jesus) available in 180 languages on cell phones! Our young people already rely on text messaging and they access social web sites via cell phone. Outside the U.S. there is more reliance on mobile devices such as cell phones than we Americans can imagine. My dream has always been that one person could lead another to Christ without knowing that person's language. I sat in a Citizenship Ceremony in San Francisco. Children under a certain age become citizens of the U.S. automatically when the parent becomes a citizen. And so it came about that I, a visitor, sat next to a young person from Haiti. I got out my cell phone and showed her the Four Spiritual Laws in Haitian Creole. She said she speaks it but left Haiti before learning to read it. Her uncle took the phone and read it to her, translating it into English. I finally realized what was going on and said I could bring up the English Four Laws if that would be better. The woman in front of me (Chinese) asked me four times, "Who is the preacher?" Each time I said, "I guess it's me." She kept asking because she had never overheard such a conversation before! Persons in multi-lingual conversations with fluent speakers of at least one language adapt to each other almost instantly and whoever is able to bridge the gap for another will do so quickly. We got up to Law 3 when the ceremony started. Having all this on cell phone means everything you need is in your pocket at all times. And the tracts don't get wrinkled!

I had 11 web sites specifically for mobile devices such as cell phones. Each was different in length and content based on who the target audience is. You will have to look at them and decide for yourself who I had in mind when I wrote them (

2017 A valid question is, why did you let your mobile websites go? 1. Smartphone penetration is increasing throughout the world. 2. The websites were only in English and the initial software was unreliable. 3. Ministries migrated their websites to lower data and fewer frills to be mobile friendly without distinguishing the presentation as PC friendly or mobile friendly. 4. I had about 20 websites to maintain. I've now consolidated the content on to Why did I have so many websites? Why does a fisherman have so many different flies and special bait for specific fish? So he can catch them!

2009 My PC-based sites are fairly simple. I lay in bed one night surfing on my cell phone and it's one of the cheapest cell phones. I am now changing all of my sites so they can be surfed with more success by cell phones. If that were me out there, I would surely appreciate someone reaching out to the only device I had in my hand to share the Gospel. I realize TV's and satellite dishes are all over, but these often do not carry Christian programming.

One last note: I do not put stories on the Internet unless they are very old or no one could be recognized due to the general nature of the interaction. No one needs fear something they said will be made public within a time frame that is sensitive. If I do put something on the web site that is new, I ask first. My rule is that if I have helped someone, it is up to them to say so, not me.

Pray for the gospel to go forth! Get Operation World by Patrick Johnstone. Countries and their needs are presented for each day of the year starting with January 1st. Don't wait for January 1st; pick up on whatever day it is. I have a coworker who credits his winning trivia question prizes due to praying for the 10-40 Window. 2017 Due to interferance one may not be able to find out which country is today's country. The book has it and you can just pray for any country any day.

Give to those who are out there doing it! Which part of the operation fascinates you the most? Do you want to support those who develop and print scripture tracts, those who distribute them, those who send believers Bibles, those who meet physical and medical needs or those who do all of it? Do you want to fund a new language translation of "The Jesus Film?" Do you want to help send a team out to show "The Jesus Film?" Many ministries have giving catalogs with items such as dig a well in a village with a price next to it. Jesus said the Kingdom of God has the highest returns (more than you can ask or think, pressed down…shaken together…running over), so invest in the kingdom of God! I think of giving to the gospel as funding a diversified mutual fund run by the smartest money manager in history! The thing closest to the heart of God is people and if he'd leave the 99 to save 1, we should consider it too. Where the 10-40 Window is concerned it's more like leaving the 30 to save the 70. Help me here someone! 'Top'

3. Highlights of your life

In progress...let me know!!!

You! An evangelist! Your heart is to share Christ throughout the earth but you don't speak every language! Not to worry. Online and orderable resources to help you can be found through Allow God to begin to work through you in ways you never imagined. Tongue tied? Tracts speak as you sensitively share them. Go for it!

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Background music is: IT'S JESUS (THE LOVER OF MY SOUL)

Who can fill my heart with joy,
When all the earth is trembling?
Who can sing a song of love
So sweet my heart comes running?
Who can take a wounded soul
And fill it up with life, and make it whole?

It's Jesus (3x)
The lover of my soul
It's Jesus (3x)
The lover of my soul!

Who can fill our broken world
With grace that leads us to repent?
Who can fill a broken heart
With hope and faith that's heaven-sent?
Who has walked our road of pain
And bears the Name that is above all names?

Who has promised us that we
Will live with Him forever
If we will deny ourselves,
And learn to love each other?
Who calls us to take our cross
And count the former things to us as loss?

by Tim Barber ©1991 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. CCLI Song No. 2294232