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What is the Jesus Film? The Jesus Film is the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1-22 AMP)... (Luke 23-24 AMP) from the New Testament, faithfully enacted.

What is the purpose of the Jesus Film? The Jesus Film is to introduce Jesus Christ to people who may never have heard of him so the decision is theirs, to come to know him or not. The idea is that no one should have to learn another language in order to come to know Christ.

How is this done? Native speakers speak the parts which are synced up with the lip movements which are changed so that the actors appear to be speaking that language. The film is shown to people speaking that language to find out what needs to be changed. The work is done so carefully that people often react as if not one thing could be changed since the impact of the content is so great and life changing.

For how many languages has the Jesus Film been produced? As of April 11, 2017 1511 video languages, 431 audio drama languages, and 163 children's version languages.

How many languages are there? There may be 8000. The Ethnologue claims 6809. The difficulty is that many "languages" have not yet been surveyed to find out if a person can reasonably understand a Bible that already exists or not. Wycliffe Bible Translators sends out researchers (hardy volunteers who point to different objects and ask persons to say the name of that object in their language) to determine if a separate Bible translation is needed for understanding. In 1997 it is estimated that the Bible or some portion of it had been translated into 2197 languages. The gap is huge and the task can take a lifetime for one language. The good news is that Wycliffe Bible Translators is located next to Campus Crusade for Christ International (The Jesus Film Project). There is much planning on the part of many missions organizations so that all concentrate on a few languages at once in order to achieve synergy. Wycliffe Bible Translators has Vision 2025 the goal of which is to start a Bible translation in every language that needs it by the year 2025. To help speed things along IT volunteers are sought to attempt predictive translation which can produce up to an 80% correct translation on the first attempt which then is corrected by humans. The most language research has been done by secular arms of Christian organizations so the acceptance level will be high. You may want to look up Vision 2025 or the Non-Roman Script Initiative in Google.

How many Jesus Film languages will there be? As many as can be produced. In 2002 one language cost $35,000. Due to the poor U.S. economy with many donors laid off, there have been lay offs at the Jesus Film Project. They may not tell you that, but I will. Still, the numbers produced has increased over time with shorter production times. 2013 update: the Jesus Film Project is producing Jesus Films in the heart languages of smaller language groups. This means the major languages have been completed and languages most people have not heard of are in the process of production! Fulfillment of the Great Commission is progressing!

How do people get to see the Jesus Film? The Jesus Film Project sends out teams who risk their very lives and see miracles. They go to places where people have never heard of Jesus. The Jesus Film Project partners with other organizations. For instance, when Mercy Ships come into ports to give free medical care, the Jesus Film is shown continuously while people wait. The Jesus Film Project and Wycliffe Bible Translators are next door to each other just outside Orlando, Florida. Wycliffe translation projects are coordinated so that Luke is produced earlier than would have been without cooperation. When the Jesus Film (VCR) was on sale for $5.95 each, I purchased over 50 languages. I hand them out as the opportunity arises. Don't forget that ships come to U.S. ports. It is possible to meet foreign workers and give them the Jesus Film. They will know if the format will work in their home country. I hear it does. There is a DVD with eight languages: English, Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish. There are subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic. You could get a TV-VCR or TV-DVD player and become your own traveling evangelist. I've often thought of taking the parking space nearest the corner in a downtown area, putting money in the parking meter, and showing the Jesus Film. I had wanted to rent indoor space at the Flea Market and have TV-VCRs available for walk-in Jesus Film viewing. I have more ideas than I have been able to actually do. You can hand the Jesus Film to restaurant owners who represent the various language groups. They will tell you in one second if they have a VCR or a DVD player. I suggest you just give it to them. I have the joy sometimes of knowing what happened to particular Jesus Film videos. All I can say is, I couldn't have gotten it there myself.

The Story of Jesus for Children in 24 languages (062 Language List online) on one DVD is available fall of 2016 at .50 cents each when ordered in lots of 200 (200 DVDs for'$100.00. Call 1 800 381 0911 to order with quick delivery.

The Jesus Film can also be viewed using Facebook and Twitter! Embed codes for each Jesus Film language and other films produced for each language are available! I remember the old days watching the Jesus Film in English at 28.8 baud rate via modem showing up on my PC with Windows 95 on a 2 inch square viewing area when only 5 people in the world could watch at the same time. My hair is now white and you can share the Jesus Film via your Facebook account on a much larger viewing area in many more languages as if you were the only one in the world viewing it! If you have a Facebook page, please consider clicking on the blue F while signed into Facebook. You will be an armchair missionary!

Today you can use your smartphone or laptop to bring the Jesus Film and other content into your home. Wirelessly or via USB connectors you can plug into your TV and watch a larger screen! Also, you can download the Jesus Film app in your smartphone app store and show at least part of the film to people you meet. I was in a mall with a Verizon kiosk. I asked and learned the person helping me spoke Vietnamese. So I brought up Vietnamese on my phone and I asked, "Northern or Southern Vietnamese?" He answered and I handed him my phone and walked away to talk with the other Verizon rep. He was amazed it was in his language! I showed him how to watch the entire Jesus Film at home.

Click on

Country Lookup Map
Or click on the language you desire.

What is the relationship between the Jesus Film and The Passion? According to Issue II, 2004 of The Jesus Film Project, The Jesus Film Project is assisting in the translation of The Passion into 20-30 languages. They are willing do translate the subtitles into more languages if asked. The Passion is being released in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
After seeing The Passion, the Jesus Film shows the "rest of the story."

Here is a current list of languages with a click-through to enjoy right now via your PC!

Here is a list of languages completed.

This is the Jesus Film in English. You can view this after the music for this page stops or you can go to the English page and watch it immediately.

A walk-in temporary movie theater

The Jesus Film begins at dark outside

Children watch the Jesus Film in Luganda

The Jesus Film reaches all ages

Training in Asia

The Jesus Film and the Four Spiritual Laws intersect during follow-up

Jesus Film equipment is carried

Teams arrive by land

Jesus Film equipment is transported by canoe

Teams arrive by water

Jesus Film equipment is transported by a horse-drawn cart

Teams arrive by cart

Jesus Film equipment is carried by one person due to technological breakthroughs!

Jesus Film equipment is carried by one person due to technological breakthroughs!

Jesus Film equipment just gets lighter and lighter!

Jesus Film equipment just gets lighter and lighter!


The Jesus Film can be shared on public transportation!

The Jesus Film can be shared on public transportation!
This is my personal all-time favorite photo the Jesus Film sends me monthly for contributing! I imagine one person speaks French and the other person speaks Finnosh. Once that is known, the film takes over!

On the street via smartphone

The Jesus Film can be shared on public sidewalks!

The Jesus Film can be shared on public sidewalks!
Just load the Jesus Film app on your phone and choose the language as you meet people!
Download the Jesus Film you know will be using to your smartphone and show it without wifi!

Last updated: 05/10/2017

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