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"Give me a hundred men (women, children) who fear nothing but sin, and desire nothing but God, and I will shake the world. I care not a straw whether they be clergy or lay people; and such alone will overthrow the kingdom of Satan and build up the Kingdom of God on earth." John Wesley

Official Languages by Country and Territory Wikipedia

10 -40 Window (The least evangelized part of the world) Praying through the 10 - 40 window (Country Profiles)

Alpha The weekly video course that introduces newcomers to Christianity

Amazing Bible Many resources gathered in one place

American Center for Law and Justice Know your rights in the U.S.

AquaPak Solar-powered plastic water pasteurizer cheap enough to deploy in very poor areas

Audio Forum Learn a foreign language (69 available)

Audio Treasure The New Testament and some of the Old Testament in English and many other languages in audio

Bibles at Cost Bibles you can afford to give away by the book, box, forklift in English, Spanish. etc.

Bible Foundation Donate used Bibles for redistribution

Billy Graham How to become a Christian How to become a Christian How to become a Christian

Brigada Gateway to missions networking

Campus Crusade Here's Life (you-print bilingual tracts, English with 96 languages)

CBN Ministries Outreach of CBN (700 Club)

Charisma Magazine A widely-read magazine about Christian issues

Christian Book Distributors Books, CD's, tapes, videos cheap

Christian Classics Library Christian classics in (Browse, languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Looking for a Christian College?

Christian Colleges (Online) Looking for an online Christian College?

Christian Equippers International Tracts, books, seminars, videos in English

Christ for All Nations Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda crusades in English, Czech, French, German, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish

Christians Unite Links to Christian web sites

Cowboys for Christ You can go with these folks wherever there are cowboys, Mongolia too

Crosswalk Drill down to your specific search area of interest

Deaf World Ministries The fourth largest unreached people group in the world

Ethnic Harvest Languages spoken in the U.S.; Who lives in your zip code? (Use FREE Zip Code Finder) The Bible in 120 languages

English Language Institute China Teach English in China, get a free MBA

Every Home for Christ Free World Prayer Map, information to open up the world from your mouth to God's ear!

The EvangelisticTacklebox Got tools? A ministry of Campus Crusade (Cru) in 44+ languages

Fasting and Prayer Prayer as the engine of revival

Fellowship of Christian Firefighters Protecting us from two kinds of fire

Find Your True Beauty Tips for teens

Four Spiritual Laws Order printed booklets in English (New Life Publications, PO Box 593684, Orlando, FL, 32859, 1 800 235 7255) Would you like to know God personally?

Free Translation Computer-generated translation of texts you provide

Frontier Ventures Rebranding after the passing of Ralph Winter, US Center for World Missions

Generals of Intercession Cindy Jacobs

Gideons International Bible distribution in 80 languages (now distributing in China!); for Bible purchases see (60 languages)

Global Spheres Mission strategist C. Peter Wagner and the cause of it all, Doris Wagner. Chuck Pierce on behalf of Peter Wagner (RIP) ( is the manual redirect)

Good Sam Travel Assist Comprehensive emergency travel assistance for members. Research first!

Google Translate Computer-generated translation of texts you provide (based on EU translations of many documents)

Gospel for Asia K.P. Yohannan has a better idea...Request the book Revolution in World Missions right now!

Gospel Tract Society Tracts for donations (or not) *****these are the tracts I use!

Harvest Mission to the Unreached Northern India and Nepal with indigenous evangelists and pastors (browse with care)

Health and Travel before you go Center for Disease Control travel information

Health and Travel before you go U.S. Customs, what you can't bring back Site Map

Health and Travel before you go English-speaking physicians overseas Log in for physicians

Health and Travel before you go Magellan's, clothes, luggage, gadgets

Health and Travel before you go Mapquest, online maps

Health and Travel before you go Shoreland travel health information

Health and Travel before you go International Society of Travel Medicine

Health and Travel before you go Travel Warnings (US Department of State)

Health and Travel before you go Web MD

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Health The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Home’s Yard into a Community Garden (by HomeAdvisor)

Health Ranking the Most Dangerous Countries for Americans To Visit (by Forbes)

Health Declutter Your Home Through Philanthropy: 5 Tips (by RedFin)

Health Traveling with Diabetes (informational only, not intended as a sales entry)

Health Traveling with Disabilites (informational only, not intended as a sales entry)

Health A Home Safety Checklist for Wheelchair Users (informational only, not intended as a sales entry)

Health 13 essential items you never thought to donate to those in need (by Mashable)

Health 10 Incredible Ways To Help Homeless Animals Without Adopting Them (by Grace Eire)

Health US Homeless Shelter Directory (by

Health What's the best way to help the homeless? (by SFGate)

Health Kids Telltale Symptoms Of Children Using Drugs 888 694 3198 (

Health Kids: indoor games for kids Health Kids: Tested gear for families Health Kids: Activities for the disabled and blind Health Kids: Backyard sanctuary for the disabled Health Kids: Games with dogs Health Kids: Beach fun things to do

Health One stop for your Mesothelioma needs (

Health How to Prep For Every Type of Natural Disaster (by Forbes)

Health 10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad (by Smarter Travel)

Health Road Trip Packing List (by Traveler Savvy)

Health Runaways and Drug Abuse: 15 Ways to Reach Out and Make a Difference (by

Health Traveling During Recovery: How to Stay Safe and Sober (by The Treehouse)

Health Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don’t Drive (by Neptune Society, informational only, link not intended to promote sales)

Health A Worry-Free Vacation: Preparing your Home for Your Time Away (by Home Advisor)

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IES Your child can learn a second language

In Touch Ministries Charles Stanley

International House of Prayer Worship never stops

Jesus Film Project The Jesus Film producers in 1656 languages (as of May22, 2018), 1-800-827-2788 Watch the Jesus Film now!

Jesus Film Video (Gospel of Luke) Watch the Jesus Film in many languages

Joshua Project Search a database for people group information

Joyce Meyer A "tell it like it is" preacher

Life Straws Safe drinking water technology

Light the Window, What is the 10/40 Window?, Purchase a solar Bible!

Macedonian Project 2017 Mission trip list available now!, GO! 866 MAC TRIP (Jesus Film Project)

Media Talk 101 Is media ahead of Jesus in your life?

Mercy Flight International How do I my personal effects and mission supplies to the mission field fast and cheaply? 1 800 456 0843 (this phone number goes to African Team Ministries. They shared an office but Mercy Flight International personnel have retired. www.

Mercy Ships Medical missions with evangelism and you can go with them as a volunteer! (after a YWAM DTS)

Multi-Language Media Resources in 45-300 languages

Network Solutions Register for a domain name for your own evangelistic web site. (You also need web hosting!)

Open Doors Serving the persecuted church with Brother Andrew (websites in 25 languages)

Operation World Pray for Today's Country

Operation World for Kids Your child can become an intercessor

Ray Comfort He always has tracts on his person and he is on TV (TBN)

Ray Comfort says this man makes me feel lukewarm! (Mark Cahill Ministries)

Sean Feucht YouTube Musicianaries: worship, reach out, worship, reach out in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Serve India Ministries A method to rapidly reach India for Christ by partnering with local pastors

The King's College Campus Crusade for Christ's accredited college in the Empire State Building

Transform our World (once was Harvest Evangelism) Prayer evangelism and anointed for business seminars, ministry trips for you!

Trinity Broadcasting Network Satellite, short wave, cable, broadcasting, virtual reality, taking the airwaves for Christ

Universal Currency Converter Exchange rates, beware of sudden currency devaluation, it can happen

University of the Nations YWAM school in Kona, Hawaii, your gateway to China, YWAM, not accredited

Welcome to Bible Verses For the younger at heart! Chat room, quizzes The original site

Who is Jesus - really? From Campus Crusade for Christ in 33 languages

World Challenge Online Messages in 43 languages with browser updates for each language!

World Prayer Team Spiritual NORAD in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

World Time Zones Find your way in time

World Weather Weather by city, country, zip code in 87 languages. Can't find a language" Suggest it!

Wycliffe Associates A Bible in every language by 2025! (Speeding up Bible translation through technology, indigenous translators and volunteer linguists!)

Wycliffe Bible Translators They are on the cutting edge of where the Bible goes next, overseas addresses

YWAM Youth with a Mission, GO Manual (guide to YWAM mission outreaches for you!)

Last updated: 01/29/2019

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Remember well this day
When by strength of hand
The Lord removed our chains
And brought us to the promised land!

With a strong hand, and a mighty arm
The Lord delivered me!
Scattering the enemy
Triumphing victoriously
Our God is a mighty God,
Our God is a mighty God!

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