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Brian Benally.....Sedona, AZ

(Dyin ah Nantan! "God is Leader" in Navajo!)

You can meet me on my Redstone Tours in Sedona, AZ!
2530 West Arizona 89A Sedona, AZ 86336
(866) 473-3786

I am Brian Benally of Redstone Tours in Sedona, Arizona!

I make the rounds of timeshares in Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona, with one hour talks and lead all day tours with emphasis on my and others' Indian heritage. I will tell you the truth!

I am dressed in pre-1890 Navajo clothes!

I will explain my pre-1890 Navajo clothes which my be different than you expect and explain the reasons why we once dressed this way.

I will play the flute for you!

It may surprize you that the I am part of a matriarchal tribe and that mothers are the storytellers and teach warrior tactics. I learned to play the flute for courtship reasons. An short video of my flute playing may be included below.

You can ask me any question you want! You don't have to be politically correct!

You can ask me any question you want! You don't have to be politically correct!

Beth (see the Montana page) who is creating this page for me asked me privately about my faith. I had said that many Indians are Christians due to monotheism and other concepts. Not all Indians are Christians. Although there is no word in Navajo specifically for Jesus, Beth asked me do I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died for me and have I asked Jesus to come live in me?" I said yes easily with no qualification.

I became a Christian while going to Vacation Bible School as a child. After being isolated by design until age 5 within our close family structure (so I could speak Navajo and be part of the culture), I was then exposed to English and American culture. If you hear me speak, you will know I can speak English very fast fluently, possibly faster than you can.

When Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, he found the people were monotheistic so he declared them to be "in Dios" (in God). This is why I feel the peoples were called "Indians." Today those under 40 may prefer to be called Native Americans while those 40 and over may prefer being called Indians. I feel all Americans who were born in the United States are native Americans.

I realize when you come to Northern Arizona, the first trip you will want to make is to the Grand Canyon. My tours to the Hopi Reservation and to the Monument Valley (all Indians) wait for you to return from the Grand Canyon. Think of me next! (If these links change, use a search engine to find them.)

Last Updated: 01/23/2015