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Bill Eddy.....Hornbrook, California

(Ready or not Jesus is coming soon!)

I write this page as a newly retired HR professional.

This is just one of the signs you may see on my farm as you travel along I5 in Northern California.

This 33 minute video clip is called 180
produced by Ray Comfort, a Jew and a believer in Jesus Christ. It has to do with one of my passions, the plight of unborn humans in a society that follows Roe v Wade and votes for those who support Roe v Wade.

COMING SOON! My understanding of the Book of Revelation! I finished the book in 2001 but my hard drive crashed. The original text has just been recovered and I am going through it to see what insights I have gained and what I must edit. Keep posted! It may be put online here before it has been updated. You will know what has or has not been updated!

Last Updated: 01/23/2015