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Robert E Kiser.....Gold Hill, Oregon

(Meant with Love)

They asked me did I want my name taken off the church rolls

This is my mug shot!
This is my mug shot!

I would like to share with you my own experience of how I came to the Lord. I feel that it is unfortunate that our culture often views demons, hell and other such things like some sort of fairy tale.

I was born and raised in an active Mormon family. I had kind and loving parents for which I am thankful. I grew up believing a different gospel than that which is found in the Bible, but rather I was taught and believed Mormon doctrine. When I became a teenager I was very rebellious. Although I believed in God, I was much more interested in partying and getting in trouble. I did a lot of things back then that I am ashamed of today. One night some friends and I were watching a demonic movie. I remember my friends commenting on the movie. They were saying that, if the things that were taking place in the movie were happening to them they would leave that house. I did not see how that was an answer. I pointed out that the demons certainly were not confined to that house.

Later that night while I was working graveyard shift I was reflecting on this. I started wondering how much Satan enjoyed my lifestyle. I wondered if he had any part in my life that led to mental anguish and anger. I know this sounds crazy but the thought of this made me mad! I began to want to retaliate against him. I was alone in the shop and so I began to yell at him. I said that for every person I robbed I would tell somebody about Jesus. Not that I cared about Jesus. I just figured that would make him mad.

Home Sweet Home!
Home Sweet Home!

Right after this I was overwhelmed by the feeling that something evil was there in the shop with me. The feeling was so strong that it scared me. I began to pray and the feeling went away. For the next 3 months or so this same awful feeling would come upon me, even if I were not thinking about such things. Each time it scared me so much that I would begin to pray. Every time I prayed the feeling would go away but it always seemed to come back. Things began to get worse. Sometimes while I was driving it would feel like something would grab my steering wheel of my car. I would be pulling really hard to try and turn then suddenly it would break free like something let go and I would almost wreck. I was becoming afraid to go anywhere or do anything.

One night when I had gone home; as I began inserting my key into the lock I saw something on the other side of the glass staring back at me. I jumped back and while I was looking at what I believe was a demon, it disappeared. If I was high on drugs perhaps I could have brushed it off, but I wasn't. For me this was all I could take! I got down on my knees there in my front yard and told God that if he would just make this go away I would give my life to him. That night these things stopped happening to me. I have a friend that had become a Christian several months before this, so I began to go to church with him.

Later I took a vacation and went to see my parents. I wanted to tell them about what had happened and the change that had taken place in my life. I figured they would be happy considering all of the hardship I had put them through in my teenage years at home. To my surprise my dad was not pleased at all. He said I might as well not go to church at all because I was going to the wrong one. He insisted that I needed to return to the Mormon Church. This caused a lot of confusion for me. I had friends saying the Mormon Church was a cult and that it that did not teach biblical truth.

I also had my family telling me the Mormon Church was the only true church. I began to question who or what I should believe. For that matter why should I even believe the Bible? A good friend of mine directed me to the Christian bookstore. I began to study Mormonism as well as historic Christianity. After a lot of research, study and prayer I found a lot of factual reasons to accept the Bible as the word of God. I also discovered just as many reasons not to accept the Book of Mormon as the word of God. I found that Mormon doctrine is contrary to the teachings of the bible. I also found that it could be proven that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I accepted the Lord around 1985 and have been studying on and off since then. I am glad to say that although the majority of my relatives are still Mormons. My dad who was a High Priest in the Mormon Church and served on 3 stake missions has left Mormonism. My Dad now has accepted Jesus and the doctrine of historic Christianity.


Several years after accepting the Lord the Mormon Missionaries started coming to my house. After some discussion one of them asked me if I wanted my name removed from the L.D.S Church records. I stated that only if somebody understood why. I gave them a book that I wrote which contained a portion of what is found on my web site. I stated in a letter written on the inside of the cover of that book that I would be willing to listen to anybody that could show me in the Bible where I was wrong. I further stated that I would gladly accept any correction from the Bible since I believed that it is the final authority. About a month later I received a letter in the mail stating that they were removing my name as a member of the L.D.S Church. I find it interesting that nobody within the L.D.S Church ever even attempted to show me where I was wrong in scripture in what I had written. I am not surprised however because I know that the L.D.S Church is in fact the one that has greatly abused the word of God (The Bible).

I am aware of the many strong testimonies from L.D.S members who claim to have had supernatural experiences. Especially in the area of those who are deceased being grateful for the L.D.S members being baptized in their behalf. To this I must say we should interpret our experiences through the Bible. We should not interpret the Bible through our experiences. The bible warns us not to even listen to an angel if they tell us something which is contrary to the bible. A spirit could seem good and do wonderful things for you, but if it contradicts the bible then you know it is not from God. Some would question why a demon might do good things for anyone. Well, if in doing so it leads you away from Jesus and the truth of the gospel then it accomplished its purpose.

If by reading this you would like to know more, is my website along with my contact information. My job is to know Him and make Him known so I'll be glad to hear from you!

Last Updated: 01/23/2015